Can You Guess Where These Popular TV Shows Take Place?

Can You Guess Where These Popular TV Shows Take Place?
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Where were your beloved characters living?

  1. Where does Friends take place?


  2. Which state does The Office take place in?

  3. Which desert-heavy state does Breaking Bad take place in?


  4. In which big city does New Girl take place?


  5. Parks and Recreation took place in a fictional city called Pawnee. Which real state was Pawnee in?


  6. Which California City does The Big Bang Theory take place in?

  7. Family Guy takes place in the fictional city of Quahog. Which real state is Quahog located in?


  8. Where does Grey’s Anatomy take place?


  9. Stranger Things takes place in a fictional town called Hawkins. What real state is Hawkins in?


  10. South Park is the name of the show and the fictional town it takes place in. What real state is South Park located in?

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  11. Community features a fictional college called Greendale. Which real state is Greendale in?

  12. FINALLY, where does Modern Family take place?


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