How Do You Work Through Burnout Once It’s Already Happening?

How Do You Work Through Burnout Once It’s Already Happening?

Ah, burnout. We’ve all experienced it, struggled through it, and are quite familiar with the feeling of being totally overrun by our errands and weekly tasks, jobs, and social lives.

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Schedule our own annual check-up? The audacity. Pay our laundry list of bills monthly? Unfortunately, yes.

Since I truly believe burnout cannot be fully avoided, I want to know how you work ~through~ it instead of digging a hole in the sand and sticking your head there for days (or weeks) at a time. Maybe you start your day off with a specific routine, i.e. a hot shower, face mask, and reciting affirmations.

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Or maybe you dedicate some time each day to meditation and finding your Zen.

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Deep breaths and release.

Maybe you have a creative outlet, like painting, knitting, or playing an instrument.

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OR maybe you help ease burnout with a physical activity like running, lifting, or yoga.

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Endorphins, baby.

Whatever it is, I want to know how you deal with feelings of burnout! How do you work through the stress and fatigue to keep on keepin’ on. Please help a girl out and share in the comments below!

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